Personal Training

Personal Training is an individual form of sports and fitness coaching and provides the advantage of intensive one-on-one training.

You set the time and place of the training, I take care of all the trimmings – from the pulse watch to the appropriate beverage, from towels to small training equipment and advice you when it comes to buying the right sports wear and equipment. I will be happy to come to your home or your office, or we can meet in the great outdoors or gym.

As your Personal Trainer, I design the training according to your personal goals, schedules and individual preferences – for the training effect that is best for your health!

Areas of Expertise

Training for a healthy back
Our living and working conditions frequently cause back pain, a result of permanent overload, such as standing and sitting, physical inactivity or stress, unhealthy lifestyles and unbalanced
diets. Particularly in terms of back pain, science has proven that the muscles around our spine are of special importance. When they are strong and well-defined, they act as a surgical corset. By strengthening your back and abdominal muscles with systematically relaxing your body, you correct unilateral loads and sustainably stabilize your back.
Nordic Walking
This outdoor sport is suitable for everyone in search of a full-length training in the outdoors without the extra pressure on your joints. Nordic Walking calls for the use of all the muscles of your body, but without harbouring too much on a risk of injury. By using poles, additional muscle groups are activated. Thereby, the energy consumption as well as the training effect increases by an additional 30 to 50 percent.
Running is among the most popular endurance sports, it is healthy, strengthens the cardiovascular system and trains strength, endurance and speed. Through the best possible endurance training, you can reduce your weight and effectively stimulate your metabolism. During the training, I pay special attention to a proper running technique that will treat your joints and back with care. Supportive drills activate your mobility, and strength the flow of energy inside your body.

Sport-specific training for tennis and golf
Personal Training for tennis and golf players is geared to your level of play as well as to your individual strengths and weaknesses. My aim is to lay the foundation for more fun and success in sports, together with you. By training the basic skills such as endurance, strength, mobility and coordination, we lower the risk of injury during and after play. Furthermore, solid endurance affects the mental area in a positive way. You will be fit and focused during the tournament and be able to deal with the pressure to perform more easily. Training that is specifically designed for golf and tennis players, lends itself to children, adults, passionate ranked players, and also to all competitive and professional players in one-to-one, or small group instruction.